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Brought a new high end 5.3 cubic foot  washer and dryer along with cost for installation and parts for both items.  Was reassured the delivery people would have both washer and dryer up and running.  Washing machine started by technician, but they left before the washer released the water from the machine.  It overflowed the drain pipe.  Bottom-line:  If you have an older home the drain pipe probably will be small for the newer machines because the flow of outtake is greater than the older machines.  I placed several phones to area plumbers recommended by Angie's List to state the problem and to ask for a ballpark estimate without seeing the details.  Rich's Plumbing only plumber available that  day to come to the house to diagnose  the problem.  The price paid to increase size of pipe, make connection to main drain, and cap old connection was close to what others plumbers suggested to fix the problem. Also, Rich's invoice close to phone estimation and on-site quote to fix the problem.

What I learned from the gentlemen that came to fix the drain problem for new washing machine is:  I am not the only person this problem occurred due to having an older home.  This an industry-wide problem because at point of sale the salesperson does not  have a discussion to inform the consumer of the possibility that the drain pipe might be to small for the outtake of machine water; therefore, they are not liable to fix the plumbing problem.  I called the supplier, sent an e-mail, answered  the survey questions on-line, and went to the sales manager at the store where washer was purchased and  inform them all this should be part of the discussion of the possibility of having a small drain pipe that overflows the pipe and this is the purchaser's responsibility and not part of the cost to install a washer machine.  Needless to say, I was refunded the cost of installation and parts.

Lastly, all newer models of washing machine (small to large) take out the water from the washer and clothes at a higher rate because the clothes come out with less water in them to cut down the drying time.  Please consider when buying a new model washing machine check out your connection to add the cost in your budget.

In closing, I would recommend Rich's Plumbing for their knowledge, expertise, professionalism, and friendly service.

— Nikki Price

I had a great experience with your company and I am satisfied with the gas boiler furnace you installed. You made the process so easy and were very thorough and professional from start to finish. I would also like to add how proud it makes me to see a company so dedicated to supporting our troops like you have supported my husband and me while he is deployed. I tell all my friends and family this story and they are surprised to see a company that believes in such a high quality of customer service and not taking advantage of an army wife who obviously knows nothing about furnaces. Thank you again. We will be sure to call you again when we need service!

— Christina Foley